Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett


Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Fiction

Medium: Hardcover

Synopsis: One day, Amy wakes up and decides to place a plant in her garden. She prefers to keep to herself and to have an uneventful life with her basset hound, Alphonse. Unfortunately for her, she falls and hits her head on the birdbath.  However, that day, she’s supposed to be interviewed by somebody doing a story on local authors.  She doesn’t feel too badly injured, so she decides not to cancel this interview. Unfortunately for her again, she’s done the interview, but cannot remember any of it.  It’s only a few days later that she reads about the interview, and from then on, she becomes a small-town celebrity, being forced by her agent to travel to big cities to talk on the radio and to do book readings.  But, in reality, she’d rather just be at home.

Review: This book.  Was so.  Good.  I read it in less than two days.  Amy is an eccentric character, and a very realistic one at that.  After her fall, we discover that she is terrified of doctors, but thanks to her amnesia, she must go.  Afterwards, she reads about her interview, and we discover that she not only has a bionic leg, but she was also attacked by two of her writing workshop students the previous year.  This is, what, chapter three or four?  Well, I had to keep reading, obviously.

One thing that I really appreciate about Amy is her reluctance to become famous, which is what so many authors want.  Instead, she’s fearful of going to the doctors, fearful of flying, and fearful of people misunderstanding her.  Her interactions with her friends, agent, and the infamous Chaz Molloy (a radio host), are riotous.  And one thing that I personally enjoyed about her, that doesn’t have much to do with the story, is that she defines herself as overweight and remains overweight for the remainder of the book–this doesn’t normally happen, so I was definitely pleased.

This book is not filled with much action, and the plot doesn’t necessarily thicken, but goes along simply because Amy feels a little hounded by her agent, who wants to make her a B-list author.  That’s what makes it funny and relatable.  Amy is a powerhouse unto her own, and it was a pleasure to read about her year-long quest to stay out of the spotlight.

Update: Apparently this book is the sequel to The Writing Class!  If I’d known, I would have mentioned that in my review, BUT I think it’s safe to say that Amy Falls Down is a great stand alone book.  Don’t let it deter you, folks!

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