Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution by Shiri Eisner


Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Nonfiction

Medium: Paperback

Synopsis: Eisner takes a look at the long history of biphobia and bisexual erasure.  Using zines, journals, articles, blog posts, and personal information, her book describes how bisexual identities affect all genders, and how it also affects racialized people.  Complete with a chapter on what bisexuality is and a glossary, Eisner effectively takes us on a journey on what it means to be bisexual, and how we can create a revolution.

Review: Being what I would consider bisexual myself, this book helped me confront my internalized biphobia.  Eisner’s book is described to be a radical bisexual manifesto, and I would have to agree wholeheartedly with that notion.  Part of what makes this book four stars to me is due to the fact that it is between “Bisexuality 101” and “Graduate Bisexual Studies” (which are categories I literally just made up).  This book incorporates a glossary and a trigger warning, both of which I appreciate, and also discusses different bisexual movements, campaigns, and ideologies.

What I appreciated most, though, is that Eisner is Middle Eastern and Mizrahi (an Arabic Jew), and therefore takes a more global approach at bisexuality, while also giving an outsider’s perspective on the US.  Given how many texts that I’ve read are about the United States’ activism and feminism, it was so, so refreshing to read something that was not US-centric.  If I were still TA-ing for our Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies classes, I would highly recommend this book to our professors, even if it was to just hand out the “What is Bisexuality?” chapter.  But, regardless that I’m no longer a TA, I’d still recommend this to anybody who is interested in intersectional and inclusive feminism, and wishes to analyze different facets and campaigns of a group’s movements.

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