Neko Cafe by Elsa Boyer

neko-cafeRating: ★★★1/2

Genre: Adult lit, fiction

Medium: French paperback

Synopsis: Neko Cafe is situated in a city that has many, many earthquakes.  Robots litter the beaches, and ghosts of the past haunt people.  The boss of said cafe begins to dream of a space where cats could take control.

Review: This is one of those books where I have to start off by saying that French isn’t my first language.  So, my review ultimately affects that because I’m sure that there were some things I didn’t quite understand despite the use of a French-English dictionary.

Firstly, if you’re debating whether you should read this in French, you should!  It’s a great book to build animal vocabulary, and the language is honestly so flowy and figurative that it is the perfect book to delve into.

Secondly, the subject matter in itself is interesting, too.  When I first saw this book in the bookstore, I knew that I had to buy it. I mean, hello?  Neko Cafe?  That’s right up my alley–and then the blurb mentions ghosts and robots?  Sign me the h*ck up.  This is the kind of book that I wish I could have read on vacation beside the sea.  It was so pleasant and delightful that each chapter reminded me a little bit of the clouds in the sky.

If you’re into reading “contemporary hipster” books, or books for the aesthetic, THIS would be the book to choose.  It’s a quick read, and an enjoyable one.

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