Halloween: Sorcières, Lutins, Fantômes Et Autres Croquemitaines by Patrick Jézéquel and Jean-Baptiste Monge


Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Fiction, fantasy

Medium: Hardback

Synopsis: This book is an anthology of myths and autumnal creatures who become prevalent around Halloween.  With this handy guidebook, you too can learn how to avoid ogres, vampires, and witches.  But if you think leaving the country will help you escape all these ghouls of the night, be warned–they’re everywhere.

Review: This book was so fun to read.  I’m very fond of things that go bump in the night, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how many myths were in here!  I actually learned quite a lot.  I already knew quite a bit about vampires and witches, so I was expecting it to be a more kid-friendly than not, but Jezequel and Monge go all in!

I was very interested in this book also because it’s in French, and how could I refuse practicing my Halloween vocabulary with this cool of a book??  Either way, like I said, I learned a lot of new things, such as the history behind Jack-o-Lanterns, as well as how myths differ in various countries across Europe.

Additionally, the artwork in this book is phenomenal.  There are so many detailed drawings, and they’re drawn in a way that tends to provoke more negative emotions, which is perfect for a book like this.  All in all, this book was a quick, pleasant read.

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