When Watched by Leopoldine Core

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Fiction, short stories

Medium: Paperback

Synopsis: When Watched is comprised of multiple short stories detailing the inner workings of people’s lives.  Whether that’s laying in bed with your partner, heading to work, or taking a road trip, these stories describe what happens in our personal lives when you think nobody is watching.

Review: If I owned this book instead of checking it out from the library, it would have immediately found a spot on my Favorites Shelf.  It was so powerful, melancholy–intimate.  The stories included were tinged with sadness and anxiety in a way that reflects my own sadness and anxiety.  The people detailed were people I could see at the grocery store, be friends with, or be driving next to, and that is the honest beauty of these stories.

Leopoldine Core has a way with words that resonate to the core of your being.  In “Memory,” she describes the aftereffects of a traumatic experience years down the line.  In “Hog for Sorrow,” she exposes the vileness and the guilt of the human experience.  And in the titular “When Watched,” Core delicately writes about the fine line of apathy and realism about living and dying.

When Watched is perfect for a rainy day, where all you want to do is drink coffee, curl up with a blanket, and read.

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