Frida et Diego: Au pays des squelettes/Frida and Diego: In the Country of Skeletons by Fabian Negrin

Frida et Diego

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Children’s Literature

Medium: French hardback

Synopsis: It’s the Day of the Dead, and Frida has been sent by her family to purchase sweets.  On her way back, she sees Diego romancing her best friend–causing Frida and Diego to fall to the Land of the Dead.  How will they ever get out?

Review: The word I’d use to describe this book is intriguing.  Also, fun.  Also also, informative.  I bought this book because a) it was a children’s book in French, and b) it’s about Frida Kahlo.  What was there not to love?

The art was phenomenal and the plot was engaging.  And, I was surprised at how honestly it discussed the relationship between Frida and Diego.  Not only was this story cultural and fun, but it was accurate–well, as accurate as explaining cheating lovers to children can be.  I was glad to find that this book approached cultural and romantic topics in such a nuanced way, and I’m excited to find some more books that discuss culture, art history, and holidays in such an engaging way.

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