The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

The Last Lecture

Rating: ★★★1/2

Genre: Memoir

Medium: Hardback

Synopsis: After giving his famous last lecture, Randy Pausch decided that he had a little more to say.  He plans on leaving his wife and children behind when he eventually dies of pancreatic cancer, one of the last curable cancers there is.  In this book, he gives guidelines, pieces of advice, and life stories.  Pausch iterates that this book isn’t one about him dying–it’s about him living.

Review: To any of you about to read this book, let me say this first: don’t read this too fast.  Despite how small it is, it’s actually filled with (I think?) about 50 chapters on various subjects from his family, his childhood, and his dreams.  You’ll want to only read a couple chapters a night–that way, you’ll get the full extent of what he has to say.

If I had the opportunity to meet Pausch, I think I would immediately respect him.  His ideas and the way he puts them is concise and had such good intent.  However, I must be honest with you–there’s a definite divide between him and millennials.  This made me a little bit less receptive to some of what he was saying (read: I didn’t always agree with him), but I can’t deny that the main ideas of what he said resonated with me.

He’s hugely positive, and always looking for ways to be an active participant in his own life.  He reaches out to others, works hard to make his dreams come true, and uses slightly unorthodox methods in order to solve his problems.

My aunt urged me to read this book (which I obviously did).  Ultimately, I’m glad that I did.  I think I’m a little more wise and a little more thankful now.

One thought on “The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

  1. I love this book! Was a gem of a find and really respected his perspective which was often quite eccentric. Definitely loved his positivity and kindness to others. I so want to read this again.

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