Nile Crossing by Katy Beebe, illustrated by Sally Wern Comport

Nile Crossing

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Historical fictionChildren’s Literature

Medium: ARC, paperback

Synopsis: Khepri wakes up one day, and is ambushed by both excitement and nervousness.  Used to going fishing with his father, his day is going to be a little different: he’s going to school.

Review: This book was enjoyable to read, and I was surprised at myself for knowing so little about the schools of other cultures and time periods.  The author, who sports a love for Egyptology, was willing to give us some insight as to just how this stressful and thrilling day is in ancient Egypt.

By providing the audience with more awareness, we are better able to understand the differences between cultures, history, and their schools.  For instance, what tools did students use?  How did they get to school?  What time do they wake up for school?  Did they have to go far?  These are the sorts of questions that Beebe answers.

Additionally, I was impressed by the last few pages in which Beebe presents additional facts and further reading for both children and their parents.  This is a book I’m highly considering purchasing for my mother, a kindergarten teacher, when it comes out.


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