About Me!

Hello all!

This is a blog where I show, review, and gush about books that I’ve recently read!  I read nearly everything that is given to me, no matter the genre or medium.  Currently, I work in France as an English teaching assistant for high school students.  I recently graduated with a degree in English and French Culture, with two minors in Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Studies and Shakespeare Studies, as well as completed coursework in English Education.

It is my goal to be a Young Adult/Children’s Literature librarian, and to do that, I’ll be going to Simmons College next year to start a dual degree in Library Science and Children’s Literature.  I’ve already held a few jobs and volunteer positions in a library, and after experiencing that, I know that I want to be the person to help make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible.  Libraries are a welcoming place for everybody, and I want my future library’s book choices to reflect that.

While I basically love reading anything and everything, I do have some favorite authors and subjects/genres!  Those would be: Shakespeare (his works or analyses of his works), Stephen King, feminism, veganism, Young Adult literature, and Children’s literature.

With respect to my reviews, I strive to review books for all ages, and books written by as many different backgrounds as I can.  Sometimes, I try to read French novels so I can keep building my vocabulary!  But, ultimately, I wish to be more inclusive and intersectional, and this is the way I feel I can do it best.

If any of you would like to take a gander at my social media, feel free to check them out!

Instagram: herpeteloser

Snapchat: incrediblyhulk

Tumblr: herpeteloser | littleladylibrarian

Happy reading!